We have spaces!
A number of our Joeys are moving up to cubs and we have spaces available right now!

Welcome to 2nd Toowoomba Joey Scouts. 

Joeys meet 7pm to 8pm

Friday Nights during school terms.

The Joeys having fun at Glenvale Park

2nd Toowoomba Joey Scouts are boys and girls between the ages of six and seven and a half. This Section provides an introduction to Scouting through a wide range of enjoyable activities.

The activities are aimed at helping the Joey Scouts learn about themselves, nature, helping others and finding fun in accordance with the Joey Scout theme " Helping Other People".

The Joey Scouts form what is called a Mob that is made up of no more than 20 children. The Mob is led by Echidna our Joey Scout Leader.  There are no permanent structures as in other Sections. Joey Scout helpers are also encouraged and must be at least 15 years.

The Joey Scout Law

Be respectful

Do what is right

Believe in myself

The Joey Scout Promise

I promise to do my best
To love my God
And be helpful.

What Joey Scouts Do

Joey Scouts do a wide variety of things in their Section. Some of these include cutting, drawing, colouring, painting, pasting, making musical instruments and singing, flying kites and listening to stories.

Program Style

At this age children need experiences which help them learn to work and play in groups, mix with adults outside home and school environments, develop their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual abilities through active experiences.

The above Joey Scout Promise, Law and Theme " Helping Other People" sets the direction upon which activities are based, such as telling stories which give concrete expressions of sharing, helping and caring, using action songs, exemplifying the values in games, activities, crafts etc.


There is a simple standard for the opening, closing, welcoming and going up ceremony. The opening and closing ceremonies can vary, but there are core elements that must be included: A seven year old Joey breaks the flag for the opening ceremony, the Joey Scout may salute when the flag is broken, the Joey Scout theme "help other people" will be spoken and the Leader lowers the flag for the closing ceremony and a short prayer of thanks is used.

Joey Scout Uniform

The uniform for Joey Scouts, whether boys or girls, is the same. A Joey Scout in Queensland wears the national Joey Scout Uniform with the Queensland Scarf and Woggle. 

Joey Scout Badge Placement

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B.P, said that Scouts is a big game. 

'God made the world for you to enjoy.
Be contented with what you have got 
And make the best of it.
Try and leave this world a little better
Than you found it'


I hope that join the scouting game of Joey Scouts. 

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