Notes for all Sections

For each meeting your child needs to bring their Section pass book, a pen and notebook.

Youth Members must wear the full uniform at any Scout meeting, event or activity. This means uniform shirt, scarf/woggle, hat and black, navy or beige pants. A navy jumper or jacket is preferred in cooler weather. As your child earns a badge it should be sewn onto the uniform.

When your child is participating in an activity, you are required to fill out a C4 form that your child should bring home from Scouts. Should they misplace this form, you can download it from the 2nd Toowoomba Scouts website.

A full calendar of meetings, activities, events etc is also available for all sections on this website.

At times parents are going to be called upon to help out with transport. If we are going on camps, we will need vehicles and trailers to transport the gear needed.

If your child has any medical conditions, food allergies or serious phobias will you please advise the Leaders.

Essential items that are needed for camps and some activities. (Items will be confirmed by section Leaders prior to activity) The following is a guideline only.

1. Plate bag - drawstring fabric bag - which contains a plate/s, bowl, cup, knife, fork, spoon and a t-towel.

2. Sleeping gear. A good sleeping bag, a ground mat and pillow. During winter your child may need an extra blanket as it is quite cold sleeping on the ground. Even a simple ground sheet under their sleeping mat can make a difference.

3. Sunscreen. Lip balm is also recommended.

4. Water bottle.

5. Clothing suited to outdoor activity. Youth Members are going to get dirty and old clothes will let your child feel more comfortable about getting involved.

6. A fold-up chair. something that is compact would be preferable as we need to conserve room when packing everyting into cars.

7. Sometimes we ask that your child bring a packet of biscuits or other suitable food to share for suppers, morning teas and afternoon teas.