Group Chart


Blue Card

As indicated last week, parents wishing to attending organised activities (hikes, camps etc.) will need to hold a current "Blue Card". I understand that there is parental exemption under the current legislation, however Scouts Queensland's Child Protection Policy states that anyone working with the youth members must hold a current valid blue card. If you do not hold a blue card you will not be able to participate.

I understand that this may not sit well with some but it is Scout policy and as Group Leader must ensure it is followed.

I have attached the relevant forms and I do encourage all parents to fill them out and become avtively involved in the childs Scouting career. There is no cost involved with applying for the blue card as we are a volunteer organisation.

If you have any queries please give me a call or see me Friday night.

If you require a copy of the Blue Card Form please see me on a Friday night meeting or contact me by phone or email.

Have fun