Venturer Standards Camp 2013

Jadzia and Mitchell Building there TARDIS toilet

TARDIS Construction

Jadzia would make a good tradie

The almost finished projects

Standards Camp for the scouts is a camp that takes them back to the basic so that means dome test are out and A frame canvas tests are back in. But when you become a venturer the words standards camp means much more that camping. the venturer has to choose a theme and build there campsite to match the theme and cook there meals so that they are part of the theme. 


over the years we have seen a lot of themes to name a couple of them


  • Pirates
  • Flinestones 
  • Hell
  • Bogans 
  • Marfia 
  • Council Works

This year the 2nd Toowoomba Venturers theme was Doctor Who 

for the theme they watched the TV show and found food that was used in the episodes 

for there Toilet they built the TARDIS (Police Box)

we have some photos of the venturers building there props photos from the camp are still to come.