Jadzia was presented her medallion on the 19th of April 2013

Congratulations Jadzia

Jadzia’s commitment to her Scouting activities has paid off with the presentation of her Australian Scout Medallion.

She has been a friend to all and earned the respect of her peers and leaders during her time as a Scout. She was presented her medallion during a Group parade that was well attended by many regional leaders. It has been a pleasure to assist Jadzia earn her medallion and it is well deserved. Thank you to her family for supporting her in her journey.

Jadzia has moved on to the 2nd Toowoomba Venturer Unit and I wish her well for her next chapter in her Scouting life. Amanda ’Magpie’

Congratulations Mitchell

Mitchell joined the Scouting movement as a Joey and has successfully made his way through the sections. He has made many friends and has always been admired and respected by his peers. His achievements in Scouts has been through consistent attendance to programmed nights, Group activities, Regional activities and Branch camps and activities. Mitchell's parents Donna and Col have been a huge support to him and the Group. Thank you to you both for your commitment. I am very proud to have been a part of Mitchell's scouting life and wish him well in Venturers.


Mitchell was presented his Medallion on 8 March 2013

Congratulations Max

Max was presented his medallion on 1 February 2013


The ASM is the culmination of his years in the Scout section, hard work, initiative, determination, leadership and dedication. His presentation was made at a Group parade in front of about 50 Youth Members, Leaders and parents. I am very proud to say Max has been my Scout since he linked from Cub Scouts. His determination was evident from the day he walked through the door. Congratulations Max. You have put in a huge effort with your Scouting and this is very well deserved. Thank you to Max's parents, Jason and Peta, for the support you have given Max with his Scouting.

Max has moved on to the Venturer Unit at 2nd Toowoomba and I am certain we will see a Queen's Scout Award presentation some time in the future for him.