Rover Award Scheme

The choice of undertaking the Rover Award Scheme is entirely up to the individual Rover. It is designed to encourage Rovers to participate in a wide range of activities. The factors which must be measured are the challenge, experience, effort and goals attained.

Rover Skills Badge

To gain the Rover Skills Badge, a Rover must:

  • Camp out on no less than three occasions, for a minimum of three nights, demonstrating suitable campcraft skills.
  • Provide 10 hours of service to a worthy cause.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Scout Law, Scout Promise and Rover Prayer from an adult point of view.


The Rover Skills Badge must be completed before commencing the Baden-Powell Scout Award.

BP (Baden Powell) Award

There are two methods of achieving the Baden-Powell Scout Award. 

Method A

Method A focuses on practical activities and requires the participants to complete the following four badges:


  • Service Badge
  • Project Badge
  • Scoutcraft Badge
  • Rambler’s Badge

Method B

Complete the following four badges:

  • Spiritual Development Badge
  • Intellectual & Emotional Development Badge
  • Social Development Badge
  • Physical Development Badge


The badges in each Method can be completed in any order, but all four must be obtained in order for the Rover to earn the Baden-Powell Scout Award.

Other Badges

The following badges are not part of the Rover Award Scheme but can still be earned and worn as part of the uniform.