Taylor Digweed's Queens Scout Presentation - 30 January 2011

Speech by Magpie (Amanda Digweed) Scout Leader 2nd Toowoomba


Queen Scout Award Approved by Scouts Queensland - 9 November 2010


All of Taylor's family are very proud of him for achieving his Queen Scout award. He has had to work hard to achieve this in such a short time and has had to involve us all in his journey.


Taylor jumped into Scouting with his usual style - all or nothing. His decision to join Scouts was made before he turned ten. He never wavered from his decision in that time and constantly reminded me that as soon as he was ten, he was going to be a Scout. His tenth birthday arrived and the following Monday at Oakey Scout Group we signed on the dotted line and paid his membership. He was with Oakey for a short time before moving into 2nd Toowoomba. He achieved his Red Cord and was able to attend the 2007 Australian Jamboree in Elmore, Victoria. Leadership seemed quite natural to him and he made an excellent Patrol Leader. Suddenly at the age of 14 he decided that he wanted his Australian Scout Medallion. Bear in mind he only had his Red Cord. So, in twelve months he did two years work in order to get his Medallion.


With that goal ticked off the list, it was off to Venturers. Again, I heard the determination in his voice when he said, 'I am going to get my Queen Scout'. I didn't doubt that at all. As with all achievements in Scouting, awards are a culmination of an individual's determination, their leaders, parents, family, peers, friends and community members. I would like to say thank you to all those people who have helped Taylor realise his dream and contribute to the wonderful caring young man that he has become. Kathy (Possum), Russell (Barra) and the 2nd Toowoomba Venturer Unit have been a large part of this journey and without your support Taylor's achievements would have been made a lot more difficult. Thank you to you all.


Congratulations Taylor. This is another step conquered in the amazing life we know you are going to build for yourself.


Matthew Henry's Queens Scout Presentation - 4 February 2011

Speech by KAA (Chris Dunn) Venturer Scout Leader at Tarragindi

 Queen Scout Award Approved By Scouts Queensland - 5 October 2010

Chief Commissioner, Fellow Scouters, Distinguished Guests,

Just over 18 months ago, I was sitting at Allawah Campsite (near Ipswich) waiting for Venturers to arrive for the next session of Camp LUII (a weeklong camp held to assist Venturers achieve their Queens Scout Award by offering 4 badges and or courses in the one hit). I recall seeing this person approaching the registration table; he was well over 6 feet tall, wearing a pair of blue jeans, boots, a baseball cap and also a Venturer Scout shirt.  I thought to myself, what on earth do we have here.  Well he finally reached the registration table and registered as Matt Henry.  Now, seen as though another Toowoomba boy, Mark Twyford had already been at camp for a couple of days and the entire time he kept talking up this Venturer called Matt Henry, I wasn't sure whether I was happy to put a face to this name or not.

The next couple of days were somewhat interesting, the Venturers had definitely split into two groups, you had the Toowoomba boys and the rest of the camp.  So needless to say, I got to know the Toowoomba boys quite well, for some reason they found it hard to comprehend that they needed to be quiet during the Training sessions.  Matt ended up leaving a couple of days before everyone else as he had already completed the last course of the camp.  A couple of hours after Matt had left, I received a text message from him on my mobile, Thanking me for giving up my time to run the camp and that he was pleased that we had the chance to meet and that we should keep in contact.

So when Matt asked me to talk at his Queens Scout Presentation, and that he wanted me to actually talk about him and the type of person that he is, it wasn't hard to work out what it was that I was going to say.  Matt had known me for a matter of a couple of days when he took it upon himself to send the previously mentioned text message.  To this day, I am still amazed that a 16 year old young man had the initiative to send such a message and all that I can think is what type of person would do such a thing.  This is a magnificent personal trait that has obviously been instilled into him from his parents and family from an early age.  I know from that initial meeting with Matt and then the subsequent discussions, both in person and over the internet, Matt is a person that has had an amazing upbringing and will always put other people's needs ahead of his own.  It is an honour to have been asked to talk about Matt at his Queens Scout Presentation and it is even more of an honour to regard Matt as someone that I envisage I will have a friendship for many years to come.  Congratulations on receiving this award Matt, I know that you have worked hard and that you deserve to wear the badge with the pride it so deserves.


Natasha Siebuhr's Queens Scout Presentation 4 June 2010

Speech by Karr (Robert Vettiger) who was Natasha's Previous Group Leader and the person who first introduced Natasha to the Scouting Movement

Queen Scout Award Approved By Scouts Queensland - 1 April 2010


On receiving her Queen's Scout award, Natasha has achieved the highest award in the Scouting movement. It is a testament to her dedication, courage and personal fortitude. All of these attributes are key components in achieving this award. Any Queen's Scout will tell you that it is a lot of hard work and sacrifices, but it is one of the best journeys to go on. The experiences, people you meet and most importantly of all, the fun you have cannot be bought. That is what makes this award so special. As a Queen's Scout myself, I fully understand and appreciate what Natasha has achieved to be here tonight.

I have known Natasha for quite some time. As her first Group Leader, I remember a shy almost introverted young girl walk into the grounds on a Friday night do her thing and go home. I have had the pleasure of watching that young girl grow and blossom into a mature, extroverted young person we have here before us. That transformation can only be attributed to one thing, her involvement in the best youth organisation in Australia, the Scouting Movement. I also would like to recognise and thank the many who have helped and guided Natasha on her path towards tonight. I would like to particularly mention all her Leaders, past and present from all sections for the dedication and at times persistence and of course her parents Russell and Kathy. Parents are a key component in any achievement of the children. During my time as a Group Leader, one of the things I would remind new parents when they were introduced to the Group was that not only is your child joining Scouting, but you are as well.

Natasha I hope you go on to become and Adult Leader within the movement. Do this so you can pass on to future generations your knowledge so the foundations of Scouting remain strong. You can now go out into the community and put the skills you have learnt as a Queen's Scout to work. One day, you may be a future Leader of our society.

Natasha, Cherie and I congratulate you on achieving this prestigious award. I am confident that you will always live up to what is going to be expected of you as a Queen's Scout. I wish you every success in life both professionally and personally. Should there ever be a time where you start to doubt yourself, remember the promise you made before me as a young Cub Scout. On my honour I promise that I will do my best.

Natasha it has been a pleasure and honour to have been a guide post on your road to becoming a Queen's Scout.

I am truly honoured to have been given this opportunity to speak on such a special occasion as this. Tonight, we recognise the achievements of a young lady who has spent the last few years achieving one of her life's goals and has touched each of us in some way.

Zoe Keane's Queens Scout Presentation Speech by Skip (David McEvoy) 17 Aug 2007

Queen Scout Award Approved By Scouts Queensland - 18 June 2007

I was absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to speak on an occasion of such importance as this but to be asked to actually present Zoe with her award is an absolute honour. 
Tonight, we recognise the achievement of an outstanding young lady that has had an impact on each and every one of us.  
Zoe is here tonight to receive scouting's highest award.  The Queen's Scout Award, which has been gained by Zoe, represents the height of excellence in an organisation already known for its high standards. The work and effort Zoe has displayed in fulfilling the requirements of this award is admirable. I know that there was plenty of hard work but that there was also a good supply of fun mixed in with everything Zoe was doing.  The work Zoe has done in helping out with scouting activities other than her own, especially among the younger members is to be commended.  Zoe has always displayed an innate ability to organise an activity at the drop of the hat even when it was not her night to do so.  As Zoe's first Venturer leader I am very proud of her. She exemplifies the commitment, determination, inventiveness, self-reliance, kindness and thoughtfulness of what we have come to expect in our scouting way of life. I would also like to acknowledge those who have encouraged and mentored her along the way; other scouting leaders, community members and of course her parents. I commend all those who have helped nurture Zoe's interests in the community and her ability to help others. Zoe you can go out into your community and show people that you are a real achiever and possible even one of their future leaders.   I hope that you will go on to become an adult leader and pass on to another generation the skills and ethical base you have learnt.  Although some aspects of Venturering have changed over the years, the basic aims and values of our organisation have continued to guide young Australians.  You will discover later on the practical rewards you have gained and I hope at that time you remember back to the fun times you had here at 2nd Toowoomba.  I hope that as you receive your award tonight you are thinking of new ways to spread the message about scouting and in particular Venturering.   The 4 sections of the Award Scheme are Community Involvement, Adventurous Activities, Personal Growth and Leadership Development these are all geared to ensuring that those who have reached the top in scouting are exemplary representatives both of scouting and our society.  

Congratulations to you on achieving such a prestigious award I am sure you will live up to the high standards of leadership and be the example expected of award winners in Australia. I would encourage you to practise what you have learnt throughout your scouting life, and, whenever possible, impart this wisdom to others.  It has been one of life's great pleasures to have been a small part in what has been an amazing Venturering life and I wish you continued success in both your personal and professional endeavours.