Previous Group Leaders


Tracey Ferguson (Scorpion)

Tracey has been part of the Scouting Movement for over 11 years & has had the role of Treasurer, Chairperson, Assistant Group Leader & Group Leader at 2nd Toowoomba during that time. She has completed all her training & is now a fully warranted Wood Beads leader of adults, and now holds a Diploma in Frontline Management & Leadership. She is one of the owners of K & R Plumbing Supplies & has worked in  the family business for 31 years. Her two children both attended 2nd Toowoomba and both have attended Jamborees and Australian Venturer.  Her son Michael has also gone to New Zealand as part of the Australian Contingent. In 2009 Tracey took over the role of Group Leader for 2nd Toowoomba and was instrumental in many of the capital improvements made to the facilities over recent years. In 2017, Tracey moved on to take up the role of Regional Commissioner for the Darling Downs Scouting Region, but she still loves to pop in and visit us all at 2nd Toowoomba.

John Pugh (Taz)

John has been in and out of Scouting since 1978 where he was a Cub and Scout at Newtown Scouts (now Region H.Q.) and transferred to St Anthony's in 1983. Taz completed his Queen's Scout Award in 1986 and was a Cub Scout helper, then a warranted Cub Scout Leader from 1983 - 1990. Taz returned to Scouting in 2006 as a Parent Helper when his children joined Scouts and as the Group Leader at 2nd Toowoomba in 2007. Towards the end of 2007, Taz stepped down as Group Leader to take up the role of Joey Scout Leader in 2008. Taz's hobbies include music, playing guitar, computers and is a member of the Islamic Interfaith and Multicultural Association of Toowoomba. Taz is currently a leader with Bunya Park Group.


Doug Maddocks (Rufus) - Assistant Group Leader

Doug entered the Scouting organisation as the Assistant Group Leader at 2TS in 2007.  He also assisted in the Scout Section.  He was an officer in the Australian Army working at the Army Aviation Centre, Oakey.  Doug had two children at 2TS and often assisted with the activities of the various sections.  

Grant Wood (Zazu) - Assistant Group Leader

Grant joined the Scouting Movement in February 1999 as a Joey Scout with the Withcott Scout Group. He remained a part of that Group until 2012 when he moved to 2nd Toowoomba. Grant assisted Tracey, the Group Leader at the time.  He enjoyed participating in adventurous activities, particularly abseiling, and wished to further his training in this area.




Previous Venturer Leaders

Andrew Digweed (Taipan)

Andrew was involved in the Scouting movement since joining the Oakey Scout Group as a cub in 1976. He progressed to Scouts in Oakey and then transferred to a Canberra Troop and attended the World Jamboree in Perth with his brother.  After moving back to Oakey, he joined the Oakey Venturer Unit. During this time he was a Youth Support Member to the Scout Troop. After a short period of time away from Scouts, he joined as a Scout Leader with the Rockville Scout Group. A posting to Wagga Wagga, NSW took him away from Scouts to pursue his career in the Army. A transfer back to Oakey allowed him to take up the role of Scout Leader once again in 1990. Work commitments prevented him from giving Scouts his full attention and he resigned as a Leader in 1996.  After his son joined 2nd Toowoomba Scouts he slowly became involved in the movement again. He attended the Australian Jamboree in January 2007 as an Adult Support Member and soon after became a Venturer Leader with Russell and Kathy.

Kathy Siebuhr (Possum)

Kathy became involved with Scouting when her daughter became a Cub Scout with 2nd Toowoomba in July 2002 and in that same year her son joined as a Joey Scout.  Since those early days, Kathy was an active member of the Parent Support Group and also helped out on many camps and activities throughout her children's Scouting life. Two of her favourite annual Scouting activities were Nighthawk and Standards Weekend. Since her daughter was eligible to become a Venturer in September of 2007, and because there was no active Venturer Group at 2nd Toowoomba, she decided to become a Leader so that her family could remain at 2nd Toowoomba. Together with Russell and Andrew, Kathy was instrumental in creating the 2nd Toowoomba Venturer Group which continues to be active to this day.

Russell Siebuhr (Barra) - Assistant Venturer Leader

Russell became involved with Scouts when both of his children joined Joey's and Cubs in 2002. Since then he was actively involved with the Parent Support Group where he helped on many camps and activities. Russell was heavily involved with the annual Nighthawk weekend and also Scouts Standards weekend. He was also given the opportunity to attend the 2007 Jamboree at Elmore Victoria as an Adult Support Member, where he helped on a daily basis transporting over 1500 Scouts to off base activities, all within an hour and a half time frame.  Russell first became a Venturer Leader for 2nd Toowoomba in 2007, but transferred to the Scout section in early 2008 where he was a favorite with everyone in this section for his problem solving and ability to fix what others thought unfixable.

Previous Scout Leaders

Ken Windley (Cougar)

Ken was a Cub, Scout, Venturer - Senior Scout in his day, and a Rover (13 years).  He was an Infantry Officer in the Army Reserve (15 years).  Ken became Assistant Scout Leader in Dalby in 1992 and continued on to become a Scout Leader at Dalby then at Jandowae, and finally 2nd Toowoomba.  Ken was skilled in navigation, bushcraft, cooking and heavy construction, as well as first aid and canoe charge certificate. He had no skills in craft, singing or playing an instrument. He believed in the principles of scouting and was dedicated to improving the Social, Spiritual, Physical, and Intellect character of all scouts, so they may become better citizens in the future.  Ken was a much loved and respected Scout Leader at 2nd Toowoomba and after some 37 years in the Scouting movement his retirement was well deserved.

Amanda Digweed (Magpie)

Amanda's interest in Scouts started with her family. Her brother was a Scout and her parents were Venturer Leaders. Although never directly involved, she supported any Scout activity and enjoyed seeing the benefit it had on youth and adults alike. She also supported Andrew through his role as a Leader over the years and was thrilled when her son decided to join 2nd Toowoomba Scouts. During his time as a Scout she took an active role in supporting the Group in fundraising etc. Amanda liked the ideals and fellowship that came with being involved in the Scouting movement and decided that she would like to be a leader. She chose the Scout section as she enjoyed the hands on work involved in the award system for this age group and camping.  Amanda was also a Joey Leader with 2nd Toowoomba for a period of time.

Taylor Digweed (Dingo) - Assistant Scout Leader

Taylor joined the Scouting Movement at the age of 10. He spent a short time at Oakey Scout Group before settling in at 2nd Toowoomba under the leadership of Ken Windley (Cougar). The 2007 Australian Jamboree in Elmore was one of his best experiences as a Scout. With twelve months to go before he turned 15 - and due to go to Venturers - he decided to work towards his Australian Scout Medallion. Due to his tenacity and hard work, he was able to earn his Adventurer Cord and ASM. He moved into the Venturer Unit with the aim to get his Queen's Scout Award. This was also achieved.

Along the way Taylor participated in many Standards Camps, Swamp Rats, Cunningham Capers, Nighthawks, Anzac Day parades, Carnival of Flowers parades and numerous camps. His experience as a Scout and Venturer made Taylor an excellent choice as Assistant Scout Leader. 

Previous Cub Scout Leaders

Jeff Douglas (Rikki Tikki Tavi)

Jeff had some fond memories of the fun and adventures he had as a boy in Cubs and Scouts in the Newcastle-Hunter region of NSW. Amongst his belongings he still has his old Cub cap (although generations of moths have dined on it).

As the son of Salvation Army Officers (retired), Jeff also spent some time as a member of the 'Boys Legion', similar to Scouts but run by the Salvation Army. The Boys Legion motto was 'Purpose with Honour'.  
Jeff was also the Dad of one our previous Scouts. -  'It was great to introduce Jarrad (my son) to the Scouting movement when he was old enough and I feel that, as a parent helper and now a leader, I can contribute to giving all the kids the same positive experience that Scouting gave me. At the same time, Friday nights have become a highlight of my week as I have just as much fun as the kids'.  

P.S. Since many people ask -  'Rikki Tikki Tavi' is a 'Jungle Book' tale about a little mongoose that is adopted by a family in India; He defends his 'family' with his life on several occasions by fighting off some nasty snake characters who would do the family harm. Taipan is safe though!! 

Darrell Wiseman (Akela)
Vale: 3rd August 1965 - 14th June 2011

Darrell was born and raised in Brisbane. Always a keen outdoors fellow, he cycled, bushwalked and camped a fair bit as a lad. In his early twenties, he worked in rural Queensland as a technician with Telecom for a few years. In 1992 He moved to Toowoomba, bought a house and settled down to start a family. Darrell had two sons (David and Ben) in Scouts.

Darrell's main interests were: cycling, scouting, amateur radio, bushwalking and studied towards a Diploma in Renewable Energy Technologies.
Scouting had become a big part of his life since he began his role as a parent helper then leader in 2003. He really enjoyed seeing the children having fun as they learnt.

Darrell was a much loved leader and is sadly missed.

Chris Johnson (Baloo) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Chris joined as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader in May 2012 as he enjoyed the challenges that come with the age group and the badge work associated with this Section. Chris still has two children at 2nd Toowoomba and they enjoy every minute of their scouting time. Chris completed many challenges while being a leader in our Group and had a role of one kind or another in the past two Cuboree events. Chris became a fully warranted leader while at 2nd Toowoomba, now holding a Diploma in Frontline Management and Leadership.  In 2017, Chris moved on to take up the role of Regional Cub Scout Leader, so we will continue to see him from time to time at Regional events.

Maree Leschke (Keego) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Maree's two children were having so much fun at 2nd Toowoomba that Maree decided to help out at some events and with fundraising.

Maree joined the Scouting movement as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader in 2010. Scouting became a major part of Maree's life and, like most Cubbies, Maree was just a big kid at heart. She loves seeing the Cubs learn and achieve their goals.  Maree was reknown for her themed dress up nights like Halloween.

In September 2010 Maree was an "Activity Leader" at Cuboree where she ran the popular "Rodeo Activity Base".



Ben Bawden (Honey Badger) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Ben had some rather unique skills and those were put to great use as the Ringmaster at the "Carnivale" activity base at Cuboree 2014.

Ben also ran a successful cockatoo circus and figured if he could train birds then Scouts should be a cinch.

Ben sadly left us to further his career in Brisbane.

Previous Joey Scout Leaders

Jay McEvoy (Corelle) 

Corelle (Jay) was born and raised in Western Queensland (Charleville District) and educated at Presbyterian Girls College at Warwick. She moved to Toowoomba through her work and family in 1989, and moved away and back to Toowoomba numerous times. Corelle who is married to David (Skip - 2nd Toowoomba's previous Venturer Leader) had a son Sean who was also heavily involved with 2nd Toowoomba. Corelle became involved with Darling Downs Scout Review in 1989 and since became involved with Scouting. She became the Assistant Joey Scout Leader prior to the departure of Lorikeet and took over as Joey Scout Leader in approximately 2000. Corelle was involved with the Darling Downs Scout Review as assistant and 'make-up lady', and looked forward to each year's production. Completion of courses and training within Scouting saw Corelle presented with her Warrant in 2003, and she went on to complete some training in Venturing as well. After 13 years in the Royal Australian Air Force, Corelle also holds a Defence Service Medal, which she wores on Friday nights at the Den whilst in uniform. Corelle's hobbies included reading, socialising and of course all aspects of Scouting, but particularly developing young minds like Joey Scouts, into tolerant, good mannered, open minded young men and women to lead Australia into a fresher brighter world.

Khadija Clifford Pugh (Koala) 

Koala (Khadija) was born in Melbourne but educated and raised in Toowoomba. She graduated from the University of Southern Qld with a Diploma of Arts in 2006 and is now studying for her Bachelors Degree. Koala is married to Badger (Group Leader John Pugh) and is the stay at home Mum of 5 children, Jadzia, Brittania, Xander, Fatima and Noah. The eldest 3 are youth members of 2nd Toowoomba Scouts. Koala collects teddy bears and has a huge collection of over 400 bears. She also loves singing, and is currently learning to play the Guitar. Her other hobbies include sewing, crochet, scoobies, computers; including Ebay, the internet and watching far too much Science Fiction television!  Koala became involved in Scouting when her two eldest daughters joined Cubs and Joeys at 2nd Toowoomba in 2006.