Group Leader

Tracey Ferguson (Scorpion)

I have been part of the Scouting Movement for the past 11 years & have had the role of Treasurer, Chairperson, Assistant Group Leader & now in the role as Group Leader. I have completed all my training & have achieved  my wood beads which means I now have a certificate 4 in Frontline Management & Leadership. I am one of the owners of K & R Plumbing Supplies & have worked in  the family business for 31 years. My two children are also in Scouting with Michael being a Rover & Melissa a Venturer, both have attended Jamborees, Australian Venturer & Michael has gone to New Zealand as part of the Australian Contingent. In 2009 I decided to take on a leader role with 2nd Toowoomba Scout Group and have made many new friends along the way & enjoyed many a good time as well.

Venturer Leader

James Wood (Warrigle)

I started my scouting journey in Cubs at Withcott Scout Group and achieve my Yellow Cord and now known as the Grey Wolf Award. I stayed with Withcott for my scout and venturer time achieving my Green Cord and Australian Scout Medallion in the Scouts and Queen Scout the highest award in the Scouting Movement in the Venturers. Then I started the Darling Downs Rover Crew and was there crew leader for the last five years handing it over to a new up and comer in 2012. This gave me more time to work towards my BP Award and to look for another challenge to fill my time. It was then that I was offered a position at the 2nd Toowoomba Venturer Unit as a leader and have enjoyed it ever since, they are a great bunch of kids that keep me on my toes and always looking for more fun filled activities we can do to help them achieve there Queen Scout as well. I have a great relationship with our other Venturer Leaders in the Darling Downs Region that helps us keep this region up to date and to help all Venturers to achieve their Queenscouts. I also have great support between all the other leaders in 2nd Toowoomba and our Group Leader Tracey and Assistant Group Leader Grant who is always lending and hand to help improve the group, to keep it the best group on the Darling Downs and in Queensland.

Scout Leader

Sam Davis (Mufasa)

I started my Scouting life at the Gatton Scout Group in their Joey Scout Section till i moved to Cubs where i transferred to the Withcott Scout Group with my three brothers. I enjoyed my time in Cubs but had to move up to Scouts where I made some great friends like James and Grant that are fellow leaders of 2nd Toowoomba. We moved on to Venturers that was a combined unit with Rangeville. Were we had a great 3 years competing in camps like Standards and Nighthawk. Then I moved up to the Darling Downs Rover Crew and was the Assistant Crew Leader for a couple of years helping run activities and Bases on 4 Nighthawks. I have enjoyed my time in the scouting sections and now wish to give something back to the youth movement that gave me the opportunity to do activities like Hiking, Abseiling, Canoeing, Rock Climbing and Camping. So I have signed up as an Assistant Scout Leader of 2nd Toowoomba Scout Troop under Wolf the Scout Leader of the Troop. I Look forward to working with him and to complete my training and help our Scouting Youth members to achieve their very best to help them challenge themselves and gain new experiences and skills of their own.

Cub Leader

Lynette Wallis (Raksha)

Lynette has two boys with 2nd Toowoomba and has helped out with the group in varying capacities since her eldest boy joined Joeys in 2004.  When the youngest boy graduated to Cubs Lynette began helping out as an Adult Helper.  In 2009 she signed up as a Uniformed Leader and completed her training in May 2010.

Lynette is an Environmental Scientist and enjoys the outdoors.  Her professional background provides invaluable knowledge in flora, fauna, geography and all things scientific.  Lynette loves gardening, bike riding and is handy with a hammer and tool belt.  She is a firm believer in the ethics of the Scouting Movement and enjoys the challenge of assisting 2nd Toowoomba mould constructive future citizens for the Toowoomba community.

Raksha means Mother Wolf.


Assistant Cub Leader

Chris Johnson (Baloo)

Chris joined as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader in May 2012 as he enjoys the challenges that come with the age group and the badge work accociated with this section. Chris has two children at 2nd Toowoomba - His oldest is in Scout & and his youngest is in cubs and they are enjoying every minute of their sections. Chris has completed many challenges while being a leader in our group. He has expanded his knowledge and experience while completing his leaders training.

Scout Leader

Kristal Parmenter (Bilby)

Hello, my name is Kristal Parmenter, aka 'Bilby'. I was a previous member of the scouting movement as a cub-scout and scout before deciding to re-join as an adult leader. Scouting has taught me many valuable experiences as a youth member that I couldn't imagine myself without today.

I have met many inspiring people through being an assistant scout leader, many of which are leaders themselves.

I enjoy working with the scouts, helping them to learn and gain experiences that they will one day pass onto others. It is my belief that, as a leader, we can light the pathway for scouts to gain valuable knowledge, respect, teamwork and courage required for their future endeavours.

Scout Leader

Chris Franz (Tatsu)

Cubs Leader

Derek Pickering - Crow

Derek’s scouting journey started with Cubs at Glenvale Scout Group. He is also linked to scouts here, there is some memorabilia connected to Derek still on show in the Glenvale den. Late in his scouting, he moved to the St Athonys Scout Group.

Since then, he is now married and has 2 children, one now a cub. Derek's scouting strengths are knots, canoeing, cooking and many other hands on activities. Derek is still in training and enjoying the challenges this brings.