The Joey Scouts get involved in loads of activities. They learn, they help other people and they have a lot of fun!

Here are some photos showing what we got up to in 2015

Joey's Dress Down for Lifeline Night

Joey's Dress Down in their PJ's to raise money for LifeLine Darling Downs

Reptiles Visit



Spooky Night!

Blowing bubbles

The water rocket launching!

Making the glitter ghosts

One of the Joey's glitter ghosts

An ex-Joey linking up to cubs

Ecto-plasm (a.k.a. Cornflour with green food dye)

Spooky Hands!

Spooky Hands!

Clean up Australia Day 2015

Before we set off

Cleaning up Russell Street

A well-earned ice cream!

Still cleaning on the walk back to the Den

Canoe Capers!

Painting the boats

Blowing bubbles

Sailing the boats in the bubbles!

2014 Photo Archive

We did heaps of fun things in 2014. Take a look at the photo archive below!

2014 Break-up at the Golden Arches

Promise Challenge

Regional Swimming Carnival

Pirate Night!


Building Anchaaarrrs!

Looking at the Camerarrrrr!

Eating Pizzaaaaarrrrrr!


Aaarrrrr! (aarrgain!)

Joeys Visit the RSPCA Animal Shelter

Briefing before the tour

Briefing before the tour

Any questions before we see the animals?

Petting the cats

Petting the cats

Treats for the dogs

Treats for the dogs

These puppies love the attention they're getting

Dogs of all shapes and sizes

Throwing toys for the most active dogs

Guinea Pigs love being petted

Can we take them all home?

Group photo

Joeys at the Darling Downs Scout Revue 2014

Joey Night Hike

Dressdown for Lifeline Night

Space Night

The Joeys build rockets using old soft drink bottles. They quarter-fill them with water then Taz puts them on the launch pad... everybody stands back... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF!!!

TV Night (Joeys dress as their favourite TV character)

Joeys playing outside

Joeys playing outside

Joeys building their TV sets

Joeys building their TV sets

Joeys building their TV sets

Joeys building their TV sets

The TV stars pose for the camera!

Two Doctors!

Environment and Cycling Day

25/04 2014

Anzac Day Parade 2014

Harmony Day 2014

Joeys at Clean Up Australia Day 2014