Joey Scout Information Page

On this page you will find all the information for the 2nd Toowoomba Joey Scouts Program, information on upcoming events, program and program changes.

Term One 2016

29 January

Welcome back games night.


5 February

Aussie Night


6 February

State Sign On Day at 2nd Toowoomba

A state wide initiative to encourage new members.

Joeys welcome to attend.


12 February



19 February

BP's Birthday

Celebrating our founders birthday.


22 February

Founders Day Service

Bunya Park, Geoffrey Street.

Time to be advised.


26 February

Promise and Law


4 March

Recycle and Reuse

A warm up for Clean Up Australia Day


6 March

Clean Up Australia Day

Toowoomba City Centre

Meet at 2nd Toowoomba - time TBA

All Youth Members and parents welcome.


11 - 12 March

Sleepover @ the Den

A mini camp.

Participants can use this for their Adventure Challenge badge.


12 March

Joey/Cub Performing Arts Activity Day


A workshop day for Youth Members interested in participating in the Revue.


18 March

Harmony Day

Participants will earn their Harmony Day badge if they participate.