General Infomation for Joey Scouts

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Welcome to Joeys the youngest section of the Scouting Family. It's for Boys and Girls aged 6 to 8 years old.

Joeys is your introduction to Scouts and is the beginning of your Scouting Journey.

We hope to provide our Joeys with a great foundation for their scouting in the future. Our Joey Scout Program is a varied program that incorporates all aspects of Joey Scouting. The Joeys all participate in a Badge Award Scheme so that as a Mob they can all earn the four Joey Scout Badges. These being Environment Challenge, Buddy Scheme, Care and Share and Adventure Challenge. The Joey's program rotates yearly so that before our Joeys move onto Cub Scouts they will have had the opportunity to gain all four badges. There is one special badge that each Joey can gain before Cub Scouts that is the Promise Challenge Badge in which the Joey must complete four tasks with some help from their parents to gain this badge. This Award can be worn on their Cub Scout Uniform and is the highest Award in Joeys.


Who is BP?


BP (Lord Baden-Powell) was born in England in 1857, he was in the Army and when he came back from a big war He took some boys on a camp to Brownsea Island.

They were the first Scouts. Later he wrote a book about camping, first aid, animals and lots of other things. He called it 'Scouting for Boys' Lots of Boys in England brought the book.

They loved it so much they all started other groups called Scout Groups. In the groups they did all the things that BP talked about in his book. Lots of boys talked to other boys and soon Boys Scouts began popping all over the world.


Other Scouting Information




The other things you need to remember is the Left Hand Shake, The Scout Sign, Scout Motto and the Salute.


The Left Handshake

All Scouts Shake with the Left Hand to show their membership of the Scout Movement and their trust in one another.


The Scout Sign

The Scout Sign is made when a Joey Scout makes or reaffirms his/her promise. It is made with three fingers on your left hand.


The Motto

The Scout Motto is 'Be Prepared' and everyone in Scouts tries to live up to it.


The Salute

All Scouts salute each other and the flag.



Promise Challenge Badge Requirements